Behind the Music

The Energies of Adam (two)

Lydia Gatling Bardin was the pianist for the New/Old Quartet.  While simultaneously teaching and finishing her Doctoral coursework at the University of Iowa, Mrs. Bardin was offered a job as a Visiting Artist in the NC community college system and decided to pursue a career playing concerts across the state and, as she puts it, “contributing to a greater understanding of the arts.”

“It wasn’t until after her four years as a Visiting Artist that she began to take interest in teaching. She took in-depth courses about how the brain works and the way students learn. Mrs. Bardin was subsequently hired as a National Facilitator for the Q.E.D. Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on education.  With an undergraduate degree in Piano Performance from Converse College and a Master’s in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Arizona State University, Mrs. Bardin is currently one of the most skilled piano teachers that Rocky Mount Academy, and even the state of North Carolina, has to offer.”


Lydia Gatling Barden

THE ENERGIES OF ADAM – second movement, “Moody/Melancholy”

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